Do you know According to research Almost all young Australians are online with 90% of 16 – 29 years olds using the internet daily?  

Half of the world’s population has social media accounts, so what makes you think, there are no advantages of having social media accounts for your business?

Here I present to you the top 6 advantages of social media for your business: 

1. High Conversion Rates

Yes! Social media platforms help in converting your viewers into potent buyers.

Many platforms have options of sharing, saving, and engaging with a particular post which allows the brand to be seen among a wider audience in any part of the world.

According to the researched graph given below 51% of U.S. adults use Facebook several times a day. 

You can also compare other platforms which will give you an idea of how impactful social media is.

benefits of social media pew research

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings

I feel this is the best part of social media and would definitely encourage small business to implement  

Now suppose you have a website and you do have clients but how long will the particular clients support you? You need to have a huge number of clients to expand your business. Now, where do you get more clients from? Social media (duh!) 

If your social media accounts have good, valuable content regarding your brand, the more the exposure your brand gets, leading to an increased number of people actually visiting your site wanting to buy your products. 

With some simple methods, you can direct your clients directly to your website which can ultimately lead to improving your search engine rankings. 

3. Crisis Communication

At times people may have some unexpected or disheartening response. They would be so mad that leave no stone unturned to share their experience. In this case (as well) it is best to use your social media handles handy and to give a prompt accurate response that can tackle the situation.

 4. Targeted Advertising

Want to deliver your advertisements to a specific number of people or a specific age group or to someone who is more fond of pizzas than burgers? Well, it’s not us who has got you covered but social media definitely does. You can display your products to your targeted audience in the form of advertisements and increase your chances to be seen. 

5. Networking

Social media allows you to collaborate with your favorite brands thus allowing you to use yours and their creativity and audience to gain more engagement (and money).  

Using this method you can be exposed to a diverse audience and their feedback will teach you a little more about the type of audience you should be targeting.

6. Free! Free! Free!

Yes! You heard that right. You can use all social media platforms without spending a single penny.

 But we wouldn’t give you false hope.

You do need to pay for advertising your content but if you are a start-up we encourage you to focus on high-quality content.


Need I say more? There is no better way to help your business grow effectively than using Social media platforms. It helps you reach more audiences with clever strategies helping you get long-term clients.


Hafsa Fatima was brought up in Saudi Arabia and is currently residing in Hyderabad for her studies. She first started writing as a hobby and latter pursued it professionally. Apart from content writing she is interested in star-gazing, Paul Wesley and French fries.