What Is Email marketing?

Are you a digital marketer or business that is just getting started with email marketing? Then this blog post on the benefits of email marketing is for you. Have you ever heard about the term ’email marketing’. Wikipedia says – “Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, to a group of people, using email”. It’s one of the digital marketing channels used for promoting a brand by sending emails to inform customers about new deals, news updates while also collecting their feedback. You can improve the customer’s interactions with your brand and engage them in your business by using best email marketing strategies . You can also use it to promote content related to your goods and services. Email marketing can also increase sales by automating a portion of your sales process.

History and Importance of email marketing

In reality, the idea of email marketing was first introduced in 1978 when 400 recipients were sent promotional emails, which led to $13 million in sales. A study from Statista claims that in 2020, there were 4 billion active email users worldwide. In the same year there were over 306 billion emails sent and received per day. Thus, there is a tremendous chance for businesses to connect with their niche among this vast pool of audience. There are benefits of email marketing for B2B, B2C, and other forms of business. Regardless of the industry you are in, you can always rely upon email marketing strategies.

Benefits of email marketing revealed

So let us dive deep into the benefits of email marketing for small businesses, as well as large corporations in their marketing campaigns. Benefits of email marketing includes the following:-

  • Cost-effective – What if you have just started your marketing campaign? Do you have a limited budget for your marketing spends? Don’t worry, this advantage of email marketing has got you covered. It is one of the low-cost marketing strategies to start with. On average it costs around $10 – $999 for a full-fledged email marketing campaign. There are many email marketing platforms out there that offer different pricing plans according to the business needs and requirements.
  • Global Audience Reach – As given above there are a whopping 4 billion email addresses worldwide. Thus, email marketing gives you access to a large audience all over the world. You can convert your leads into business prospects and onboard your new customers in no time.
  • Highest ROI – One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that it offers the highest ROI. According to a McKinsey & Co, email marketing is still 40 times more effective at reaching your target consumer, than Twitter or Facebook. That means your efforts will surely benefit you in the long run.
  • Measurable Results – Do you have a results-driven approach? Want to see your success in numbers? If yes then this advantage of email marketing is for you. Measuring progress in other marketing channels such as SEO and content writing is complex and time-consuming. Whereas, email marketing offers you a very simple way to measure the success of your campaigns through different campaign metrics like CTR . If the recipient is clicking on the link inside your email and landing on your webpage it’s a success.
  • Drive Traffic – Want to increase your website traffic exponentially? But don’t want to wait a long time for the SEO strategy to work. Email marketing is wonderful approach to increase traffic to your website. It’s also a powerful tool for nurturing leads through your sales funnel.
  • Market Segmentation – This is one of the most powerful benefits of email marketing. It gives you the flexibility to segment your audience into different types and send them emails accordingly. For example – You can send a follow-up email to your recurring customer and a cold email to your new prospect. All can be done with the feature of market segmentation offered by an email marketing tool.
  • Brand Awareness – Want your brand to come up in the mind when people think of products/services in your niche? One of the benefits of email marketing is that it increases your brand awareness. When the audience sees your emails in their inbox, your brand becomes more memorable and it leaves a good impression on them which makes your customers loyal.
  • Automatic and Hassle-free – Are you occupied with tasks and do not have enough time? This benefit of email marketing automation can help you automate the process of sending emails. Now you can decide to send email to your customers at a specific time or when a predefined condition meets. So you don’t have to rush on the time of the event triggers to send it manually.
  • Real-time Testing– Want to know which of your campaign has good performance? Email marketing tools allows you to run A/B testing to know which of the two campaigns is performing better. In terms of user engagement and click-through rate. This benefit of email marketing for small businesses allows them to focus on one campaign without spending lots of money in different campaigns.


Any marketing strategy would be incomplete without email marketing. Therefore as a business or digital marketer, you can’t overlook all of the advantages of email marketing. One of the best ways to reach your audience is through email. It can yield amazing results if done in the right way. It may also increase the number of leads and prospects you have. Your email marketing campaigns are more likely to succeed most of the time, since most people treat the emails in their inbox as important. Every company’s marketing strategy should include email marketing, which is a highly effective marketing tool. Don’t forget to check our website here for boosting your email marketing campaigns.


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