So you have just started your email marketing campaign. Want to get better results and make it successful? Read this blog post to know more about the best email marketing tips and strategies to follow.

Why Email Marketing?

Yes, there are alternative, more modern ways to reach your audience and buyers. However, email remains the best option, as the data suggest that there are 4 billion email subscribers globally. 

10 Step by Step Email Marketing Campaign Tips 

Anyone can follow these email marketing tips in order to accomplish specific business objectives. Here are 10 actionable email marketing tips for small businesses and enterprises to help in their next campaign:

1. Craft Catchy Email Subject Lines 

The subject line is the most important factor to get an email clicked and read. Ensure it is compelling enough to click through. The catch here is to keep your subject line short and sweet. Everyone scans their inbox through the subject lines. If your email’s subject is worthy enough to stop scrolling then users will read your email. You can even run A/B testing to check different subject lines. Below are some examples of catchy subject lines:

  • “Don’t Open This Email”
  • “How to attract anyone?”
  • “How to make your first $1000 million?”
  • “Here is a surprise for you”

2. Design Personalized Email Campaigns 

Do you want users to notice your email at first sight? Do you know that users are more likely to read an email having their names? McKinsey conducted a study on personalization. It is found that 71% percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. This indicates a great opportunity for businesses. Mention your subscriber’s name in the salutation. Also, address their problems and provide solutions. Remember you can make the messages personalized to a certain limit. Don’t go beyond it.

3. Drive CTA using FOMOs 

“Hurry up! Offer ends soon”. Does this make you feel you’re missing out on something? You got it right. FOMO aka fear of missing out is a technique used for driving instant action. This makes your customers take impulsive action out of fear. You can use this in your email marketing strategies to drive profitable user action. But keep in mind to not overuse it. This will make your email look spam.

4. Make Your Email Copy Readable 

Do you know that most people scan instead of reading the whole text? Your email content should be easily digestible. You can use the Flesch reading score here to measure the readability of your email copy. Here are some tips you can use:-

  • Use shorter sentences 
  • Don’t use repetitive words in consecutive sentences.
  • Make use of simple words instead of complex jargon.
  • Ensure the copy is crispy and not boring for readers.

5. Make it Clear and Concise using Active Voices 

Ensure making the context clear to the reader by using action words and active voices in your email. It makes your meaning clear for readers and keeps the sentences from becoming too complicated or wordy. It aids in visual imagination and can make users read your email to the end.

6. Test Your Email Campaigns with A/B Testing  

 It’s important to know which of your elements are working better. This can improve the quality of the user experience with your email. Check your subject lines, CTA, and email content with A/B testing and see which works better. Then decide based on real-world data instead of intuition.

7. Give Value to Your Subscribers 

Give the users valuable information through good content. Send them blogs, articles, how-to, and tips that will add value to their lives. This can engage your audience and would lead to conversions. Provide them educational content which They should get the quality content they want in their inbox. So that they’ll look forward to getting your emails.

8. Include Your Target Audience in the Email List 

 Don’t rush behind the numbers. Your email list should have relevant people in your niche. Instead of capturing more people, focus on attracting your target audience. This will lead to a higher engagement rate. The people in your niche are more likely to read your email. So it’s important to target a specific audience for your emails. They have the highest chances of conversion.

9. Limit Your Email Frequency 

Ensure that you do not overload your subscribers’ inboxes. No one wants their inbox to fill up with promotional emails. You should not cross a certain amount of emails in a week. Too many emails can lead to frustrating the customer. They can also unsubscribe from your mailing list. In the worst case, the result will be marking your email as spam. 

10. Send Emails at the Right Time 

 An email sent at a proper time can be game-changing.  Research from Hubspot suggests that the highest click-to-open rates are at 10 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm. Try to send your emails at a time when users are free. This will increase the chances of opening the email. The point is that you should understand your subscribers and send the mail at a perfect time. 

Summing Up 

Email marketing is an ever-growing field of digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you should learn new concepts emerging in it. The most successful tips for email marketing campaign is to include value-added content the audience wants from your email. You have a chance of having huge success as long as you send your subscribers emails that are relevant to them.


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